Jim Harbaugh, Head Football Coach for the University of Michigan, could arguably be called the Best Turnaround CEO in the nation. He has taken over programs at the University of San Diego, Stanford University, the San Francisco 49ers, and the University of Michigan, and immediately achieved success. Within one year, Harbaugh was able to change the culture and create a winning program.

In this leadership case study, we cover the strategies and techniques that Harbaugh incorporates to turnaround a losing program. Covering examples from all of his previous coaching jobs, The Turnaround Strategies of Jim Harbaugh will teach you how to pull the brakes on a losing program and to change direction.

In this brief case study, you’ll learn some key takeaways such as:

-How a book written for tech CEO’s is constantly recommended by Jim Harbaugh to his players and staff.

-The importance of focusing on the important issues facing the team.

-How to change the incentives and rewards for your organization to make sure they are in line with your goals.

-How competition can be used to create accountability and transparency.

Whether you are a coach taking over a new team or a manager being promoted to a new department, the lessons of Jim Harbaugh can help you start off your new assignment with success

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